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HDDC 2018 was a complete success!

The “Flying Dinner” and poster session in the evening set an excellent opportunity to continue scientific discussions, to refresh existing networks and initiate new contacts.

On April 26 and 27, the International Helmholtz Drug Discovery Conference HDDC 2018 was held at the Helmholtz Zentrum München https://hddc.helmholtz-muenchen.de/. 220 participants, that include 17 internationally renowned invited speakers and 70 poster presenters discussed current trends in early stage drug discovery. The presentations covered topics ranging from lead discovery, new targets and deconvolution, structure-based and computational drug development, to chemistry and peptides in drug development.

"With the international conference, being held now for the second time, the Helmholtz Drug Discovery Initiative aims to establish a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas between leading scientists from academia and industry", explains co-organizer Prof Michael Sattler, Director of the Institute of Structural Biology at Helmholtz Zentrum München.

The conference was generously supported by sponsors https://hddc.helmholtz-muenchen.de/ . Three poster prizes supported by Fachgruppe Chemische Biologie and the ChemMedChem Journal were awarded to Linda Cerofilini, Susanne Mühlich and Deepak Ramanujam by Pierre Stallforth.

"The HDDC highlights once more the need to develop new ideas in early stage drug discovery at the interface of life sciences and chemistry. For this, joint efforts of academic and industry-driven research are needed and joints efforts will also enable that all these exciting novel ideas for the development of promising drug candidates become clinical reality." said co-organizer Prof. Martin Göttlicher, Director of the Institute of Molecular Toxicology and Pharmacology at Helmholtz Zentrum München.

The conference was accompanied by a satellite workshop of the company BioSolveIT on "Modeling for anyone".

Given the great success of HDDC2018 and the overwhelming response by participants and sponsors, all stakeholders look forward to the next HDDC conference as important meeting of academic and industrial researchers in drug discovery.